Geneaid upholds the highest level of quality in its DNA/RNA extraction products such as plasmid kits,  DNA extraction kits, RNA kits, virus DNA/RNA kits, cloning kits, gel extraction kits, PCR cleanup kits, magnetic bead genomic DNA/RNA kits and high-throughput 96-Well DNA/RNA extraction kits. This commitment to quality is evidenced by the dedication of all Geneaid employees to exceed above and beyond expectations and requirements.
Customer satisfaction is first priority and is essential to the success of Geneaid. All of the necessary steps at each stage of production as well as timely order processing procedures are taken to ensure each customer is and remains satisfied.
The special emphasis which is placed on preventative activities as well as detection and screening not only increases the level of quality control, but also promotes insight into ideas for continuous product improvement and new product design.
Product specialists are always available to support customer’s questions and troubleshoot any issues which may arise so that valuable time can be used for productive research and not wasted waiting for answers.
Geneaid Biotech Ltd. along with their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, is dedicated to maintaining ethical business practices both internally and in customer relations. 
This dedication to quality will ensure the satisfaction of current and future customers when they choose to use Geneaid's DNA/RNA extraction products for all of their research requirements.